Hail Happens

  • Quite often after a significant storm, the windows on one or more sides of a home or office building have significant damage. We can all agree on that.

Whether window repair or window replacement

  • When it comes to resolving the matter and bringing the windows to their pre-loss condition, there’s legitimate room for disagreement among the parties involved.  Insurers, contractors, and property owners often have different perspectives regarding the scope of damages, appropriate remedies, and the true cost of the window restoration.


AccuWin fills a unique role in the window repair and restoration industry!


We Make Complicated Window Restoration Easier and Estimates More Accurate

Windows from today’s leading manufacturers are repairable except in the worst cases. Broken glass, damaged glazing bead and other typical hail damage usually does not require window replacement.

There are countless brands, models and features in the market today.  It is little wonder that window restoration costs related to parts and labor are very difficult to estimate.

We know from experience the scope of work involved with nearly every window repair scenario. Our online AccuWin estimator produces estimates that are fair to the insurance company and the contractor performing the work.

Our objective is to provide fair and mutually agreeable resolutions.





Accurate window damage assessments and window restoration cost estimates


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