Insurance adjusters can use our interactive AccuWin Estimator tool to document window damage claims and obtain an accurate and thorough cost estimate for window repair or replacement.

This application guides you through the analysis process, proactively asking for information about what you see at every step. You’ll receive a PDF report with an accurate estimate and all the other information you need to process a claim.

If necessary, we can also represent you onsite to inspect and record the claim information and then provide you an unbiased assessment of direct physical damage to the windows, a realistic repair scope, and work estimates reflecting actual parts costs and local labor expenses.

In fact, if you can’t find a contractor to do the work at our estimated price, we’ll perform it ourselves through our licensed and insured parent company, Professional Home Solutions. After all, price estimates are worthless if you can’t find any takers.

We hope you’ll take us up on our offer to try the Accuwin Estimator one time at no cost on your next claim to see how user-friendly and thorough the process is. We’ll also be happy to set up an account for your company to enable batch invoicing for everyone in your organization.


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Accurate window damage assessments and window restoration cost estimates


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