Insurance adjusters can use our suite of services to provide clarification regarding damaged windows and doors. and obtain an accurate cost estimate for window repair or replacement.

The website offers multiple options of analysis for the claims process. We find the more proactive we can be the more amicable the claim becomes for all parties involved.

Our Expert Review service will help you quickly diagnose a viable repair option based upon information you will have collected during your onsite inspection. This virtual review process of damaged windows will help ensure the damage is assessed for repair or replace from the initial inspection. Expert Review is not intended to create a full scope of work or a written estimate for the work. We will assess the damage and ensure that what is paid for is accurate based on the nature of the damage.

When necessary, we can represent you onsite to inspect, record claim information and provide you an unbiased assessment of direct physical damage to the windows.  We provide a realistic repair scope and work estimate reflecting actual parts and local labor expenses.

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Accurate window damage assessments and window restoration cost estimates


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