AccuWin has earned the trust of insurers, contractors, and property owners!

Our AccuWin Estimator process can resolve lengthy disputes around window claims and restoration costs. Our credibility comes from a solid record of providing honest assessments and cost estimates over many years.

Parties involved in a window damage situation have often sought a resolution to their own advantage. For example:

  • Window manufacturers may try to convince a property owner that a window can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced – with their product.
  • Insurance companies may push for a less expensive window repair resolution rather than a window replacement.
  • Contractors may overestimate window restoration costs to ensure they’re covered in the case of unforeseen complications on the job.
  • Property owners may insist they need new windows even though professional repairs can restore the windows to pre-loss conditions.

Our Unique Solutions

Through our proprietary AccuWin Estimator tool and onsite inspections, we sidestep these biases to deliver fair, objective, and accurate window scope of repair reports along with cost estimates based on current market material and labor pricing.

The AccuWin Estimator is a robust online automated program that allows users to input detailed information and then receive customized quotes for window restoration projects.

When cases are disputed or require verification we can also perform an onsite inspection. Either way, all parties will have accurate, objective window restoration information. Claims can be resolved quickly, and work can begin sooner.

AccuWin - Our Estimates are


We provide timely and fully comprehensive estimates and reports.  Our team is also available to help resolve issues during an onsite inspection.  Customer service is of the utmost importance to us.


We can assist in window damage scope evaluations including repair/replacement recommendations.   We provide precise estimates that account for manufacturer material pricing and regionally established labor rates.


An intimate understanding of insurance industry guidelines and internal processes ensures that all of the documentation required for adjuster approval is included in the initial report.


Using AccuWin Estimates ultimately assures that adjusters and contractors have the impartial information needed to reach an equitable claims resolution while improving cycle times and customer satisfaction.

Accurate window damage assessments and window restoration cost estimates


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