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How it works

Accuwin’s Expert Review, our virtual review process of damaged windows will help ensure the damage is assessed for repair or replace from the initial inspection. Expert Review is not intended to create a full scope of work or a written estimate for the work. We will assess the damage and ensure that what is paid for is accurate based on the nature of the damage.


  1. Simply file a claim with Accuwin and upload photos of the damaged window(s) or door(s) 
  2. Receive a written report within 48 hours. Accuwin’s Expert Review report is the first step toward accurately identifying the damaged portion of the window and ultimately appropriately addressing the damage both in method of repair/replace and fair market cost.
  3. Depending on the condition of the window Accuwin will do its best to deliver options to move the claim process forward.
  4. Accuwin is committed to the claim until the end. If our initial report offers an option for repair that a contractor refuses, we will continue to assist with the claim until the home is brought to its pre-loss condition.
  5. If window repairs are available that need to be determined by an onsite inspection from the Accuwin team, we will let you know. Determining repairability to the extent of replacing sash is something that cannot be definitively determined without seeing the windows.
  6. Final determination of repairability will require an inspection prior to a written estimate for repairs.


How can this process help our window claim?
Understanding the nature of repair is our top priority. Without knowing repairability and qualifying what needs to be done in terms of repairing or replacing a window, it is impossible to quantify the damage. Accuwin is committed to assisting in the initial assessment of damaged windows and doors across the country.

Accuwin’s Expert Review is an answer to a very large world of windows that is difficult to put a finger on. Often it is easy to see that a window or door is damaged on a property during an insurance inspection/adjustment. The difficult part might be knowing which part of the window is damaged and if it can be repaired. Accuwin has developed Expert Review to assist in identifying which part of the window is in fact damaged and what the options for repair or replace are. Our review process will also attempt to identify they manufacturer and series of window or door that has sustained damage to properly identify LKQ replacements. Not all windows or doors can be identified however, like kind and quality can still be identified based on similar qualities and attributes of the damaged units.

I have a large window with damage. Can I use Expert Assist?
Imagine paying for windows in a whole home to be replaced when they can be repaired. Or conversely paying for windows to be repaired that have been severely damaged beyond repair. This uncertainty creates a claims process that can drag on for months or even years resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Identifying the feasibility of repair from the initial inspection is our number 1 goal with Expert Review.
Would I know if the window can be repaired?
If a part of a window cannot be sourced, a piece can be removed and shipped to Accuwin for further review/assistance. Click here to request a shipping label for further assistance.

Let’s assume that a window cannot be repaired and the only option to bring the home to its pre-loss condition is to replace the window with like kind and quality windows. Accuwin will detail the replacement process for the specific window on the property. Accuwin has assessed thousands of claims and we have yet to see two situations be identical. Our team will review the provided claim information as well as the provided photos and provide feedback about the window replacement for only that claim.

Some windows may have previously been replaced and require a “retro fit” installation. Other windows may have been installed as a “new construction” window thus creating a different process for installing new windows. Accuwin’s attention to detail as it pertains to damaged windows can help get it right from the start. Knowing what NEEDS to be done initially can alleviate large supplements and months of back and forth trying to settle a claim. Ultimately the time spent creates customer dissatisfaction that can be avoided.

Can Accuwin assist with all types of claims including replacements?
Accuwin’s Expert Review cannot create a scope for the entire repair process nor an estimate for the work that needs to be done. However, by getting the claim started in the right direction we can save hours of additional work and stress in the supplement process. We also offer supplemental services to our Expert Review process. Photos of damaged parts or shipping damaged parts to Accuwin is a great way to get an unbiased opinion about the true availability of replacement products. Call us today or Click here for shipping details.

Window sash replacement is a great option for repairing windows without having to tear apart the home to get new windows in. However, sash replacement is a very skilled and detailed process. It is critical to know the current condition of the window as well as what type of window is in the home. Simply knowing that the window is a Pella window, or a Marvin window is not enough information to determine if sash replacement is an option. Accuwin does stand behind all quotes for repairing windows with the option to complete the repairs when called upon.

Based on where the existing windows are damaged will qualify the window as a candidate for potential sash replacement. Additionally, certain windows are no longer supported by different manufacturers which can eliminate them from sash replacement. Based on the information provided and the photos Accuwin will assess the windows and determine if sash replacement is an option for repair.

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