Accuwin is committed to maintaining strong relationships with insurance carriers across the nation based on trust and honesty.  In 2015, Accuwin’s sister company, began this journey as it was called upon by insurance companies to accurately scope and price window claims.  The formation of Accuwin as a subsidiary company to PHS was in answer to the discovery of a glaring problem and the consequent evolution of a solution designed to address it.

Our web based solution for use by adjusters has enabled us to capture window brand, style and installation attributes through the use of photo evaluation and intuitive drop down selections.  The founding principles of “Accuwin Estimating” are rooted in our commitment to delivering fair and unbiased window assessments in an industry where this is clearly the exception.



American Family
Country Financial

Our objective is to equip the insurance industry with a valuation service that will standardize window restoration pricing and prevent the exorbitant costs associated with improper and dishonest scoping by the contracting community. Additionally, the intangible      value of timely claim resolution represents an even greater value to the carrier and insured alike.

We continue to strive for excellence and further our knowledge and    convenience to the adjusters.  Our custom intake forms are designed to work with adjusters and provide the easiest transition from the day to day to the use of Accuwin.  Please let us know if we can customize features specifically for your team.