AccuWin’s automated estimator solves an industry-wide challenge related to accurately pricing window restoration claims.

More often than not, window claims end in disputes over the scope of the repair and the price for that repair. In routine cases when the damage is clearly identifiable and the scope of repair is known, the AccuWin estimator is an efficient and objective claims tool to quickly resolve the matter allowing work to get underway.

We would caution that AccuWin may not be appropriate for every case. There are times when experienced professionals must determine whether parts are available for repair or if an alternative method of repair vs. replace is an option.

In many cases, the AccuWin automated estimator can efficiently produce a detailed report you can input into your existing Xactimate estimate as a bid item for windows. The details for each window including interior and exterior finishes will be noted.  Using this objective pricing, contractors will feel confident doing the work with minimal supplements or carrier negotiations.

Users simply need to identify the windows and the damage to the windows. The AccuWin automated estimator will thoroughly walk you through the rest of the details.

Here are links to some useful tools to help identify the damage as well as the brand of window.

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