Like many of the most innovative companies in any industry, we didn’t start out with this consultative business in mind. We were an insurance restoration general contractor.

Many companies in that space tend to talk about “fighting with” an insurance company. That always seemed counterproductive to us. Instead, we chose to deal fairly and up front with reputable insurers. In turn, these companies came to respect and trust our assessments and expertise.

In 2015, an insurer suggested a homeowner contact us to assess the damage to their windows. We went onsite and determined a plan for window restoration that was agreeable to the company and the homeowner. We did more and more of these assessments – sometimes we got the contracting job to repair or replace the windows, other times we didn’t.

We quickly realized this was a significant unmet need in the industry. Soon, and even with the encouragement of the insurance companies themselves, we formed AccuWin and began charging for this window restoration assessment service.

In 2018 we enhanced our service with the development of the automated AccuWin Estimator tool. Using this service, adjusters and contractors can input all the data and information regarding a claim and receive an accurate, customized cost estimate.

Over a short period of time, we’ve demonstrated our professionalism, impartiality, independence, and ability to make honest and accurate assessments that are accepted by all the parties. We’ve grown steadily, working throughout Colorado and recently within neighboring states.

Accurate window damage assessments and window restoration cost estimates


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