AccuWin Estimates was born to solve a problem within the Insurance Industry

Insurance claims happen everyday and in most cases settling claims is not a problem. However, window claims are not so simple. From glazing compound on single pane windows to replacing modern day metal clad wood windows, damaged windows can be a problem in terms of pricing and scope of work. It was for this reason that AccuWin Estimates was created. Our trained associates are here to help accurately scope and price your window insurance claims.

AccuWin is staffed with experienced associates who have detailed knowledge of windows and doors from around the country. Our commitment is to assess window damage for the most reasonable method of repair whether it's a simple matter of beading, a sash, or a full tear out. Regardless of the repair method, we strive to be honest and to price estimates with F.A.I.R. margins on current market values for material and labor.

It is our experience that claims range from small to large. While there are many reasons for window damage, it rarely requires replacing an entire home with new windows. Whether the damage is from a flying golf ball, a burglary, or mother nature, windows can most often be repaired using parts from around the country that are usually available online.

We stand by our F.A.I.R. standard for like kind and quality replacement cost estimates on windows and doors. Our reports will help you facilitate a settlement to an insurance claim rather than getting stuck in endless estimates, approvals, appraisals or litigation.